Traditional Turkish Breakfast Class

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Traditional Turkish Breakfast Class and Breakfast

Date: Saturday or Sunday Morning

Time: 09:00-12:00

Duration : 3h

Price : Pls Ask Price

Both nutritious and simplistic, the daily Turkish breakfast features the country’s staple bread, typically made and purchased fresh daily from a local bakery, dipped in various fruit jams or topped with cheeses.

In addition to these lets try something a little more exotic for breakfast! Menemen , Turkish style scrambled eggs.

Menemen is a Turkish egg dish that is served for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner. The high fresh vegetable content of menemen makes it a very healthy low-calorie, high-fiber dish. It is also suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, diets such as South Beach, Montignac and Weight Watchers and the Atkins diet that recommend the consumption of eggs and low carb vegetables.

After preparation of your creations, enjoy them here with us, warm from the oven!  Each participant will have goodie box to take away their creations (what is left of them!)

Traditional Turkish Breakfast Class


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